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Toronto West Diamond Grade Separation | Railway Bridge Slide Installat

Railway Bridge Slide Installation

The Toronto West Diamond (TWD) is Canada’s busiest rail intersection. With GO commuter and CP freight lines running through the Junction Triangle it has become a corridor bottleneck for train traffic. Western’s Heavy Lift Division has completed the first two of four bridge installations for the rail-to-rail and rail-to-road grade separations, thereby eliminating the bottleneck. The concrete bridges measuring approximately 86m x 12.2m x .8m thick and 36m x 12.2m x 0.8m thick weight 2500 Ton and 1250 Ton respectively.

To reduce the impact on the time the railway tracks were down, the bridges were build beside the bridge location on slide paths installed by Western. In a short railway track outage, Western slid the bridges approximately 86m with strand jacks to the bridges’ final positions.


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