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Railway Span Replacement Gantry

Western has developed a unique, new method of Rapid Bridge Replacement for railroad bridges. By ‘launching’ each bridge span using a gantry system, Western is able to replace each span on a bridge in minimal time, minimal impact to the site and zero impact to the environment. The system has been proven effective on multiple bridge sites that have been of a particular challenge to replace spans by other lifting methods. Depending on the configuration of the gantry, bridge and lifting points, the gantry lift upwards of 300,000 lbs and span lengths up to 110′-0″.

For Rapid Span Replacements, Western comes to the jobsite complete with engineering, equipment and crew for a professional operation.

The system is controlled with the CARL (Computer Assisted Remote Lifting) control platform which monitors and controls lifting operations, height of lift, travel and system pressures at all times. The CARL platform offers interactive functions of the gantry and provides feedback for the operator for complete lifting control.

Western’s system has the ability to self-load onto a railcar and collapse to most railway clearances for ease of transport.

Western’s unique, proprietary system has been featured in a Daily Commercial News article for the time and money it has saved clients like CN Rail.


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